Friday, October 28, 2011

Trick or Treat Sign

So I was in a local craft store recently and saw this really cute "Trick or Treat" sign.  I thought -- I could do that!  And you can too!  My husband had some old pieces of 2x4's out back -- all were different sizes which was perfect for this rustic sign.  You could also find scrap wood at
Lowe's or Home Depot in the wood cutting area.

First I had my kids paint each piece of wood black -- nothing too perfect.  After they had time to dry I sanded each piece especially on the edges to give it a slightly aged look.

Next came painting the letters...we used regular craft paint in 3 shades of orange.  At first I planned to use a stencil but I found that I could do just as good free-handed.  To give it a bit of depth I added a highlight of white to each letter.

I also made this quick "Happy Halloween" sign to hang over our mirror.  I bought orange card stock and used scalloped scissors to cut diamond shapes for each letter.  I also purchased letter stickers with a cool grey web texture.  The individual diamonds were then glued to black and white polka dot ribbon.

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  1. So cute!! Great job to Amy, Mary and Rocco! How about planning on decorating for my this Christmas?? You can do whatever you want!! Just surprise me! Love you!