Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 10, 2011 - Lauryn and Matt's Wedding

It was such a pleasure meeting both Lauryn and Matt.  I met this charming couple via Matt's mom Maureen - who volunteered with me when I used to work at the Fresno State Alumni Association.  I love when my path crosses with special people in our beloved town of Fresno!  Lauryn is a super cute woman who wanted her flowers to be simple and uncomplicated.  They used navy blue and dark purple with white - the combination was clean and elegant.

The bridesmaids bouquets...

Centerpieces incorporated green hydrangeas, pomegranates, purple grapes and plums...along with a few additional flowers.  Guests were given small boxes to take home fruit at the end of the evening.

Half of the tables used our rustic candelabra with soft flowers and hanging grapes.

September 10, 2011 - Coby and Scott's Wedding

Coby had such a fun and interesting bouquet - I didn't want to hand it over - just loved holding it myself!  But alas the beautiful bride was waiting... we used dark red roses, coupled with raspberry, purple and orange -- then we added in cream dahlias with a touch of green hypericum berries.

Coby's bridesmaids carried smaller versions of her bouquet minus the cream dahlias.

At the Wolf Lakes Park ceremony location we created a long and low alter arrangement that would later be used as the head table centerpiece.  Above the alter we hung glass globes with dark purple lisianthus and a ring of green smilax garland - all in the iron candelabra.

Over in the pavilion we decorated the chairs with our chair covers and burgundy chair sash.  Some of the tables had our tall cylinder vases with orange calla lily's and submersible lights.

The other centerpieces had dark red rose petals with floating candles and floating purple orchids with gems and candles.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September 3, 2011 - Kelsey and Jeremy's Wedding

Kelsey and Jeremy used dark purple, lavender with touches of raspberry for their wedding colors.  For her bouquet we used raspberry hydrangeas, dark purple stock, purple lisianthus, lavender roses and raspberry roses with touches of white freesia.

Her bridesmaids carried smaller versions of her bouquet...

We decorated the candelabras at Kelsey and Jeremy's church with hydrangeas, stock, roses and lisianthus.

The alter flowers were later used on the head table in front of the bride and groom...

Love the Grand Ballroom at The Grand 1401.  On half of the tables we did this fun arrangement with 3 vases filled with 3 different flowers - the effect is simple yet full.

The other half of the tables were full of candle light - which I'm sure looked awesome in the evening - we used our crackle candle holders and our purple and raspberry votives.

The cake looked great sitting on top of our purple {bubbles} table cloth.

September 4, 2011 - Courtney and Lawrence's Wedding

Courtney and Lawrence chose a palate of marine blue, white and lime green for their downtown wedding.  Courtney carried a bridal bouquet with white roses, green hypericum berries and navy blue delphinium.

The bridesmaids wore marine blue dresses and carried petite bouquets with green roses, white fressia and navy delphinium.

September 3, 2011 - Crissy and Chris' Wedding

Okay so this weekend we were loving the navy blue paired with crisp white and fun basil green.  For their wedding at Wolf Lakes, Crissy and Chris used Eiffel towers to decorate -- appropriate since that is where they got engaged!  Crissy carried a fun bouquet of white with a touch of dark blue and bright green.

Her bridesmaids carried bouquets with green roses and white flowers.

On the guest tables we created a centerpiece using these cute silver Eiffel towers that Crissy had purchased.  First, my good friend Kiley got a serious pointer finger work out by helping spray my square wooden boxes silver.  Then we added moss and some super cute navy and white striped ribbons.  The centerpiece sat on our basil green swirl and rossette table toppers.  No flowers - no problem -- cute and fresh.

Thank you to Coll, Ross and my mom for decorating all of the guest tables with our white chair covers and navy blue organza sashes. 

September 3, 2011 - Stephanie and Jon's Wedding

We really wanted to do something a little more formal and feminine for sweet Stephanie and Jon's wedding.  For her bouquet we used white hydrangeas, cream roses, ivory lisianthus and champagne spray roses.

The bridesmaids wore elegant gowns in black with a periwinkle sash.  For their bouquets we kept it simple using all periwinkle hydrangeas.

The guest book table...

and one on the unity table

Over in the reception pavilion we added in more color to compliment her black and ivory theme.  For half of the tables we decorated a square vase with ivory ribbon and rhinestone buckles and topped them with arrangements using periwinkle, burgundy and dark purples.

The other half of the tables had our tall cylinder vases with purple calla lily's and burgundy dahlias.