Wednesday, October 31, 2012

{ fall wine bottle decoration }

I wanted to share this easy and cute fall table decoration.  I told my daughter, "it's art"!  My husband said he thought I had some new reindeer statues!  Obviously art is in the eyes of the beholder!  Take the labels off green and amber colored bottles and paint with gold or silver paint.  Some of the label glue was stubborn and required "Goo Be Gone."  I used stalks from our fountain grass plant along with some dried yellow billy balls.  No water is needed because both these blooms dry easily.  Enjoy! 

Monday, October 15, 2012

{elaine and corey} october 13

I loved Elaine - she was a woman on a mission - she knew what she wanted and was determined.  I sincerely hope that Brown Bunny's involvement enhanced all of her hard work!  Elaine purchased beautiful succulents that were added to almost every floral arrangement.  She even spray painted some in shades of blue, purple and gold.  I thought the whole look came together well.  It had a woodsy, natural feel to it that was fresh and interesting.  Good job Elaine and Corey!


{Joy's Garden east of Clovis off Thompson and Herndon}

{heather and maksim} october 13

I loved loved loved these roses!  When I delivered this particular wedding order I was like, "yes, these roses were MEANT for the awesome uber feminine blush organza dresses that the bridesmaids were going to wear!"  I can't wait to see the formal photos of this wedding.  Stay tuned!

{jackie and cody} october 6

{Koestier Ranch West of Visalia}
Wow I look back at these pictures and I love this bouquet!  Am I allowed to say that?  Don't get me wrong I have loved all of the muted champagne and cream colors lately too - but wow this burgundy, sunflower and blue thistle bouquet rocked my world!  Am I allowed to say that??? I loved all of these textures and different flowers that really are wonderful in fall.  A fun bouquet to make for a sweet sweet girl.

{stephanie and frank} october 5

I loved all of these shades of purple and plum plus the touches of oranges, peach and burgundy - fall please!  A perfect combination for the Tuscan Gardens in Kingsburg.

{sarah and scott} september 15

Every year I have a few clients that I wish would never leave and that I could be friends with...Sarah is just that sort of girl.  Unfortunately she and her hubbie don't  live in the Central Valley so...I guess I will have to let them go.  Anyway, I felt very fortunate to play a small role in their super cool and fun wedding - held out at Scott's parent"s estate east of Sanger - it was full of charm and grace.  Here is just a glimpse.