Thursday, April 25, 2013

{ pretty rustic cake stands }

Okay so do you ever "swoon"?  For some it may be diamonds, others shoes...for me its lovely "extras".  We don't need them to survive in life but they make it more fun, enjoyable and yummy for the eyes!  Brown Bunny has purchased these 3 new cake stands.  I think they would be a wonderful addition to a cake table or dessert spread.  Please let me know if you would like to rent them for your next event! 
P.S. They want to come and make you smile!

Sizes are 8" rental is $15, 12" rental is $25 and 14" rental is $40

Thank you to my mama for making this sweet little wedding cake and cupcakes.  What a blessing! 

Monday, April 22, 2013

{ sebastian awards dinner } april 20

We had a great time putting together all of the flowers for the Sebastian Awards Dinner. The sunflowers were bright and fun and really made each arrangement pop!

Entry Arrangement…

Name Tag Table Arrangement….

Piano Arrangement…. 

Centerpieces in our wood boxes on top of our navy blue table runners….

Saturday, April 20, 2013

{ in your garden this week }

I thought I would share a little about my garden or yard.  Most of us like having fresh flowers in the house.  Flowers are soft, pretty and brighten our spirits.  If you don't have time to order or buy flowers in town simply step outside in your yard and start cutting.  This week in my yard so many things are blooming.  Early one morning I took a pair of kitchen cutters, my coffee and a basket and "visited" all the pretty friends that have been growing like crazy in this gorgeous weather.

{ spanish lavender }

{ hellebore }

{ sweet broom }

Here I used two smaller vases along with a vintage juice pitcher to hold cuttings from the yard.  Remember, I always say, "if it can hold can be used as a vase."

Carolina Jasmine combined with soft fuzzy lamb's ear leaves with a touch of lavender.

Don't be afraid to get out in the yard and snip a few blooms.  To really showcase these smaller flowers I usually just cut a couple and use smaller vases so that your eye really focuses on the individual bloom.  To soften and finish the look try including a few leaves with different textures.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

{ ryan and courtney } april 6

Thank you to the Douglas family for allowing me to participate in another family wedding.  Courtney and Ryan exchanged vows in the backyard of a family friends just north of Yosemite Lakes Park off Highway 41.  Green and white were their colors of choice - mason jars dominated the scene in many different ways.

For the brides bouquet it was all hydrangeas - both green and white.

Brown craft tags with mason jars prints welcomed guests as their escourt cards - so cute.

S'More Love!  Yes please.  Okay so this takes the cake for the cutest favor ever!  I loved these - just had to share.  I'm betting they had a fire pit already to go that night - yummie and so adorable.

Monday, April 15, 2013

{ jessica and reace } april 6

We were out at Birdstone Winery recently for Jessica and Reace's wedding reception.  We collaborated with my Aunt Janet Seibert on the decorating.  She is an amazing decorator and one of my greatest loves in life!  Jessica used a bright lime green palette with bold black and white stripes.  The whole look was fresh and a wonderful twist on a spring wedding.

Jessica found these beautiful charms on Etsy - each held a special black and white photo of her grandparents that have passed away - a special way to remember them.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

{ furniture rentals - chocolate wing back chair }

I want to share another one of our vintage chairs.  I found this beauty - it was a great deal - all my buys are or I wouldn't get them!  The old floral pattern fabric had to go.  I thought a dark chocoalte-mushroom would look sweet on this big wing back.

Take a look at this chair before it's makeover...

This lovely chair is quite substantial and actually very comfortable.  We outfitted it in chocolate velvet.  It is so yummie.  I distressed the plain legs by sanding down the drab varnish and white washing it.

Amazing what fabric can do!

Mary and Rocco really wanted to help - painting of furniture is off-limits but sanding...that's a job anyone can do.  They were great helpers.