Saturday, July 26, 2014

{ luke & haley } june 21

There are so many things I love about floral arranging.  One of the main things that brings me great joy is having the chance to use unique, interesting plants and flowers.  All foliage and flowers are beautiful to me and an amazing creation - what a true blessing it is that God gives us the ability to use our imagination in working with His products!  

 I loved working with Haley because I could tell that she values beauty and was open to having something different at her and Luke's wedding.  She is lovely inside and out and I can't wait to see their wedding photos.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

{ baylee & jeff } june 14

What a fun, sweet family!  I loved getting the chance to work with Baylee and her mama.  They had such a wonderful vision for this wedding so it was a pleasure to add our little bit.  The wedding was held out at Wolf Lakes on a beautiful day in June.  

Flowers were lush with creams and champagne - touches of wood and french blue were seen throughout.  Hanging bottles with blooms and lanterns decorated the alter pergola while tin lanterns hung down the aisle and then were used as additional centerpieces at the reception.

The family made this lovely wooden cross - a true treasure for the bride and groom.

{ jovel & sarith } june 14

It is wonderful, humble, sweet, couples like Jovel and Sarith that ground me when life get's busy and work is hectic.  They help me remember why we do this crazy job!  Thank you for blessing me you guys.  Jovel and Sarith celebrated with family and friends out at Tuscan Gardens.