Thursday, December 30, 2010

December 20, 2010 - Brie and Maurey's Wedding

Earlier this month we were honored to do the flowers for Brie and Maurey's wedding.  They were married at the People's Church Chapel and then celebrated with friends downtown at the Banker's Ballroom. 

Brie carried an all rose bouquet - ivory Vendella roses.

Her bridesmaids wore beautiful ivory and gold lace dresses.  To compliment Brie's black and gold theme we added in a touch of dark purple.  The bridesmaids carried bouquets with several shades of purple.

At the Banker's Ballroom we created a pomander ball with ivory mums -- placing them atop clear vases filled with the families gold and purple ornaments.  These centerpieces were interspersed with other centerpieces compiled by the family and arranged by their coordinator - Sheri at Star Events.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Last minute Christmas decorations

It is almost Christmas and I finally got my mantel decorated.  I am so excited - our first Christmas in this amazing house with an amazing fireplace - it was begging to be decorated.  Recently I was inspired by a "NOEL" sign that I saw in Pottery Barn.  It was adorable so I decided to try and make one myself.  The one in Pottery Barn is made from fabric or wood but I decided to use what I have and make one from branches like curly willow. 

First I used 4 small aged terra cotta pots to hold the letters.  Then I cut pieces of green florist foam (found at any craft store) to fit tightly down inside the pot - make sure the foam is lower than the rim.
 Then I began cutting the green curly willow branches - any semi-straight branch would do - remove leaves to give a clean look.  I decided on an approximate size for the letters and took 3-4 branches for each section of the letter.   I then bound the branches together using small pieces of wire.
And finally I attached a longer piece of branch to each letter so that the letter could be inserted into the foam.  After I pushed the "holder" branch down inside the foam I took some green moss (also found at a craft store) and covered all of the foam - to hide it.  I cut a few small lengths of wire and bent them into a "V" shape to help secure the moss.  Once the moss was in place I finished each letter with a bright green ribbon.

The final product is festive, inexpensive and mantel ready!

And on the mantel with our wheat reindeer and twinkle light garland the NOEL sign is rustic with a modern twist.  A fun project ready for Santa's annual debut!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Use what you have to decorate your front porch

Yesterday when I was supposed to be doing dishes I got inspired to recycle our pumpkins and decorate the front door for Christmas.  I wanted to get the area decorated before the kids woke up from their naps and I didn't want to spend any money!  I also wanted to use things that can be recycled later or reused.  My personal decorating style is more rustic and very natural.  I like to incorporate a little sparkle but for the most part I like decorations to be an extention of their natural state.  So, I walked around the yard and found some old tomato cages that I thought would make good frames for greenery and lights.  We have some type of cedar trees down our driveway that will work good on one of the frames.  I also found 3 potted rosemary shrubs left from Cara's spring wedding.  I think they look a little sparse but will be good "fillers".  I plan to plant them in the yard this spring.   
I cut small cedar branches - any type of "bushy" greenery will work.  I took wires and wired branches loosely all over the frame.

When I add items to the front patio I try to "layer" the items.  Just like getting dressed.  You don't want all your pieces to be the same height or size.  This creates interest for the eye as it takes in the "scene".  To raise up one of the rosemary pots I found a small outdoor side table.  Then because the tomato cages were the same size I found a few cement pavers and stacked them up for the back 2 cages.

I didn't want to purchase new pots for the rosemary since I am going to be planting them soon.  To disguise the black plastic pots I took long pieces of bright green ribbon and tied them around the outside to add a touch of color.

Here are my three cages finished - one has the cedar branches and topper of cut palm branches with a few red berry sprigs.  The other two have curly willow branches and bright green moss that I found at a craft store.  I added simple white christmas twinkle lights with green wiring.  I also had a few white cyclamen flowers left from another job - I potted them and added them to the front porch too.

Here is the finished porch that night with Mary and Rocco enjoying the lights.  It is not fancy but I am happy with it.  I didn't spend any money and have cute decorations for the next couple of weeks.  All of the items will be recycled, planted or stored for next year.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Centerpiece at home

I am excited to make a new addition to our blog; Decorating Ideas and Tips.  I hope these ideas will inspire you to be creative in your own home and yard. 

I recently did some Christmas centerpieces for a clients' holiday party and one of the items I created was a low arrangement for her kitchen island.  She has an overhead light that is low so that means nothing too tall.  Instead of purchasing a new low vase for this one item, I found this great multi-purpose pedestal container that I plan to use on my own table for oranges this winter.   Anything that can hold water can be used for flower arranging.  And even if it is a wood box you can always insert a plastic trash bag to hold the water and flowers - just trim to hide the bag!

I filled the bowl with wet florist foam cut to fit tightly inside.  This will hold our stems in place.  Floral foam can be purchased from Micheal's.  For fresh flowers make sure the foam is for "wet" and not "dry" foam for dried flowers.

Next I added lemon leaves and Christmas greenery around the edge to hide the foam and soften the edges.

This was the finished product ( in my shop of course) with red pointsettias, red roses, berries, cream wax flowers and Christmas greenery.  Finish your arrangement with a complimentary ribbon.

Simple, elegant floral arrangements atop antique candelabras for the guest tables.