Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cowboy Scarecrow and Treat Wreath

I love the is my favorite time of year.  Unfortunately it is also my busiest with Brown Bunny weddings.  However last night the kids and I made time to create our own "Cowboy Scarecrow" for our front porch.  First we talked daddy into hauling a bail of hay up from the barn.  He didn't think my plan of dragging it behind my golf cart was so great.  Then when he wasn't looking, we borrowed some old jeans and a shirt from his closet.  I knew there was a reason I was holding onto all those old jeans!

Mary had fun filling his legs and shirt with old newspapers - I had to laugh though when at one point she was so distracted by the old newspaper ads filled with makeup!  Focus Mary...

Ready for to celebrate the fall season with our cowboy scarecrow...we used an old bag for his face -- adding in Darrick's mullet wig and cowboy hat on top...don't we all have one of those laying around???

On the door I decided we needed something we rounded up an old wreath.  I found an old board sign left over from a friends wedding -- Mary and I used stencils we had and black spray paint to put the word "TREATS" on the back.  Anyone that knows us knows that you can always find "treats" in our home!

To finish our wreath we added some black feathers we had laying around and added a wide burlap bow (this cool burlap "ribbon" can be found at Micheal's craft store).  Then against Rocco's better judgement - we added a little bird we had also bought at Micheal's for $1!  Voila - a fun rustic wreath for the front porch!

{We'd love to see what you and your kids are making
around your house to celebrate fall and harvest!}

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