Saturday, December 15, 2012

{ twine and christmas ornaments }

I'm not sure how you attack decorating projects in your home...but for something like Christmas where I need to do more than one decorating project at once, I make a quick list of my "hot spots" were I like to have a little extra something.  Some of you might have your mantel, your front door, a kitchen counter, an entry table, your dining room table, ect.  One of mine is a set of rustic metal bow candle holders that hang in our entry.  This year I decided to add my new fave, torn pieces of fabric and soft gold ribbons.  To finish the look I added a few gold, silver and creamy white ornaments with long pieces of twine.  I think it is just the right amount of shiny and rustic.

I have found that the twine at a hardware store works great for lots of decorating projects.  It is less expensive than a hobby store and comes in larger rolls.  Enjoy!

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