Monday, December 3, 2012

{ painted chevron bulletin boards }

Looking for a cute way to quickly and cheaply update a plain bulletin board?  I recently painted grey and white chevron stripes on two of my boards.  I first cut out my design on a scrap of cardboard - measure equal distances a part - I think my stripe is 4" thick.  Make your cut-out the length of your board.  Trace your cut-out until your board is covered with pencil drawn lines.  Next take painters tape and tape off the side that you want to paint.  Really press the painters tape down really tight so that the paint doesn't seep under the tape.  Paint and let dry for at least one day.  If you want to do an additional color, tape off the part that you already painted and repeat with a contrasting color on the blank cork board.  Let dry a couple of days before use. 

I actually liked the grey and natural cork brown the best I think.  But the white and grey is cute too.

Finished product!

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