Friday, December 14, 2012

{ Christmas decorating with old frames }

We are so excited to have inherited a really cool old bar that my husband's grandfather built years ago.  I am a bit surprised that it actually blends nicely into our home, despite the fact that we took it out of a Bass Lake cabin.  It provides a great spot to decorate.  For a few days I just sat and stared at it from across the room.  It is really big and heavy looking, so I knew I needed some smaller items to help break up the "massiveness" of its weight.  I finally decided to use some chalkboards that I have.  I wrote some fun sayings on them.  They of course were too small on their own so I added a few empty frames that I have been collecting. 

To fill in one of my blank spots I glued 3 small shells, that I had collected this past summer, to an open frame.  I hung the frame from a long piece of twine.  I love all of the textures - the mix of glittery gold with matte black and rough twine.  That's me; one part rustic, one part shinny and one part simple!

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