Tuesday, July 10, 2012

{ yes you can - rope vase } tuesday july 10

Welcome Friends!  Today I am starting a new weekly topic called, "Yes You Can"!  This is going to be about fun stuff that you can do yourself.  So even if I can't be with you at home, I can encourage you to try new stuff here.  Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.  I saw this cool idea on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens earlier this summer.  Rope covered vases -- I loved them and new I had to try it. 

{ calla lily leaves and orange verbena from my yard }

To make rope vases - use heavy twine - mine was purchased at Lowe's.  For mine I used vases with skinny necks that I bought at a second hand store.  Start twine at bottom of vase - using hot glue start wrapping vase with twine close together - add glue as needed.  I was surprised how much twine it took so maybe buy an extra spool just in case.

Tin container with gravel holds a collection of various candles and votive's.  I think these candles would shine really cool at night against the tin.  Lemonaide at dusk anyone?

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  1. Fun Amy! I'm so excited about your new 'adventure'! And thanks for always saying to me, "Yes, you can!" when I feel overwhelmed and 'undertalented' with new projects! Inspire and encourage...that's YOU! Love you...