Wednesday, July 25, 2012

{ daybed with wooden boxes } july 24

I am so excited about my new outdoor daybed.  I have always wanted an outdoor bed where me, my sweetie and my kids could relax and watch the sun set and the stars come out.  We had this unused area of dirt outside our bedroom that really needed something special.  This little nook overlooks the kids play area and is right off the lawn.  So instead of making a patio with chairs I decided to make a daybed.  I don't know about you but I have loved looking at all the Pinterest photos of cool things to do with pallets.  I don't have any pallets but I do have these cool large wooden boxes.  I bought them off Craigs List last year for $2 each.  I LOVE THEM!  I bought 50 of them and hauled them down the freeway on my trailer.  My husband wants to know what the heck I plan to do with them...I just quickly change the subject and keep protecting them like they're gold!

I stacked 6 of these sweat boxes (originally used to dry figs) and placed a twin mattress on top.  We have 2 of these extra mattresses left from the kids - I think this is a great use for one, don't you?

For the pillows I went to a thrift store and bought cute skirts in fun patterns and textures.  I also bought gently used toss pillows - using my sewing machine I sewed the top of each skirt closed - put the pillow inside and "closed up" the skirts by gathering them tight with a ribbon - this made a really cute pillow cover that was super quick and about $5 each.  To wash just untie the ribbon - pull out the pillow and toss in washer.

My little "boyfriend" - Rocco - cooling off his toes in the small water fountain.  I try and squeeze in fountains whereever I possibly can - I love the sound of water - especially in the valley heat.  I adore summer for the longer evenings - we enjoy spending a few quite minutes out here before bedtime.

I added in a few lanterns for soft lighting and a metal side is perfect for holding my magazines and drinks.

Vintage metal sconces - these hold tapper candles and are a great size for adding instant warmth. 

To finish off my daybed patio I added a few herbs and annuals along with a gravel path with pavers.  I love how these cute fuchsia balls create a little pop of color among the greenery and dirt.

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