Tuesday, December 24, 2013

{ my gold ring }

He is jittery with excitement as he locks the door behind him.  He shoves his hands deep in his wool coat pockets - his fingers find it quickly - yes it is there.  He looks up above the smokey brick buildings and dirty white streets - the Rocky mountains rise strong and tall - their peaks hidden behind low misty clouds dropping their load on the valley below.

There is an excitement in the air all around him.  Workers in the dark sooty factories forget their aching backs and cold feet.  He works with a light heart today - he steals glances at the clock as often as he dare - and yes as he checks his pocket - it is there.

The siren finally blares - workers hurry for the door - anxious to be home with families on this Christmas eve night.

His heart pounds - his breath heavy in the cold air as he navigates the team of horses along the frozen path.  Up ahead he sees a wagon on the side of the road - its wheel broken, stranding its cold passengers.  Four sets of warm eyes sheepishly plead as he pulls the horses to a halt.

It's there up ahead - warm lights glow from the parlor window.  Cedar and fir garlands drape the fireplace mantle.  Figures scurry - platters are laid out - the piano keys dance - candles flicker on the tree.  He pushes the door open - a warm grin and eyes all lit with breathless anticipation.  Across the room - there she is - his bride to be.

He ushers the family in - coats are taken - warm coffee is served.  They gather around the fireplace - strangers no more.  He straightens his tie, and pulls it from his pocket - with his strong warm hands he takes her tiny finger and slips it on - she beams - tilting her head up she kisses this man - her love.

She sheepishly approaches the cold pile of new earth.  Lovingly she takes her cold finger and slips it slowly off - full of reference and respect.  She slips it carefully into her suit pocket.  She glances up - there they are - two black suits laboring with each step as they walk arm in arm towards the waiting car.  Never strangers.

{ Harry and Etta married December 24, 1889 }

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