Friday, April 6, 2012

{ i was just looking - honest }

If you know me you know that we live out in the country and I have two preschoolers at home with me.  This means many different of which is that I don't get to do "fun" shopping very often.  I had the rare treat of meeting friends for dinner this week - our restaurant was located right across the walkway from Anthropologie.  I enjoyed my time immensely with my friends but let's face it I was counting down the minutes until I got to do a little "window shopping" (inside the store of course)!  I had told my Honey that my hands were tied behind my back and that I was just looking at the was very unfortunate but these two gorgeous coffee cups just jumped into my hands and wanted to come home with me to live in the country...I couldn't turn them away.  I'm so thankful today for small pieces of art and for good coffee. 

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  1. LOVE your new cups! I know you will enjoy many cups of coffee in them and that you will be glad that you 'let them come home with you' with every sip that you take! Never stop loving beauty!!