Monday, December 12, 2011

Decorating for Christmas - paper garland sign

I don't know about you but I have been inspired this year by all of the paper crafts available.  The options at the craft store for fun decorative papers is staggering!  I recently purchased a round paper punch to use for my business.  I decided to use it to make a paper garland for our front entry way.  I saw this idea in a crafting magazine.  It was fun for the holidays but could easily be used for a birthday or other special occasion.  I think Happy New Year would look cool too.

You will need fishing line, paper, round punch (or if you are really good with scissors you can cut out your own circles or squares), glue or double sided tape and pre-cut letters.

You will need 2 round circles for each letter.  Place the fishing line down on a flat surface, lay one set of the rounds even spaced along the fishing line, tape or glue the line to the paper rounds.  Use a separate line for each word or else it would be too long and hard to hang.  Place the second set of paper rounds directly on top of the first set - so that the fishing line runs between them.  Next glue or tape your letters - one on each paper round. 

Attach one end of your line to a mirror, window, buffet or wall with double sided tape or removable glue dots.  (I actually tied my fishing line between two wall sconces.)  I also added a puff of ribbon to help soften the end of the sign.

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  1. So cute! Not sure how you fit all of this is to your busy schedule! Love you energy!! And Love you!