Saturday, December 10, 2011

Decorating for Christmas - Block Angels

If you have read any of my previous decorating blogs you will know that (a.) we have a fireplace and (b.) my husband collects wood remnants for kindling.  Whenever I get an idea in my head for an art project my mind immediately goes to that wood pile.  Because, one of my mantra's is, "use what you have".

I really wanted to have some angels in the house this Christmas.  I came up with this cute, recycled idea.  First I used some stubby 4 x 4 end posts and Styrofoam balls.  I pounded one skinny nail into each wood.  I then found some chocolate fabric in the cupboard and decided to use that for their heads. 

I took the fabric and wrapped it tightly around each Styrofoam ball and gathered it at the top with a piece of wire.  Taking my scissors I roughly cut the fabric to form "hair" for my lovely ladies.  For eyes I used pearl pins.

For halo's I used some pearl wire and wrapped loops around my hand to form a simple circle.  I then attached it to the head with another pearl pin.

Finally we need some wings.  You can use wire hangers if you want and bend them into non-traditional free-form wings.  You will want to hot glue the wire to the back of the wood or tie a ribbon or twine around the wood inserting the wire at the back.  I finished each angel with twine to continue my rustic theme.

To give my angels a little home for the holidays I placed them in an open vintage suitcase.  Pinecones add to the seasonal look.

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