Wednesday, June 19, 2013

{ sidewalk art } june 2013

I just had to share this little gem.  After stepping out of my flower shop, with no one around, I found this on my sidewalk.  And I knew right away who had made it!  Our daughter Mary was born with a stylist's eye! She is very creative.  I love seeing how children develop; celebrating what flows out of their hearts!  A collected gun shell, almonds and reed become a dragon fly of course! 

Looking for a fun summer project with your kids?  Take small paper lunch bags out on a walk around your neighborhood or along the trail...collect unique items in home use paper plates or colored paper...using your imagination create works of art using your collections.  Photograph your art and hang in the kids will remind you of some summer fun!

"...her children stand and bless her." Proverbs 31:28  I was so blessed to find this little piece of art. 

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