Tuesday, June 25, 2013

{ layered mirrors }

It was beyond time to dust in our bedroom...so you know what that means...time to move a few things around!  Just thought I'd share these pictures and my thoughts on mirrors.  You can never have too many mirrors.  In our past smaller homes - which were also dark - mirrors really helped to make things seem bigger and reflected light.  I always look for mirrors at yard sales and thrift stores - look for really cool frames that can be painted or distressed and mirrors with interesting shapes.  I have also found some great bargains at stores like Home Goods and Marshals.  In our bedroom I decided to layer a few different ones to create interest. 

Here is a sneak peak at a new loveseat for our vintage rentals.  It is a little love nest of champagne velvet!

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  1. Looks so pretty! Would you like to do a little "rearranging" for me one of these days?? I need a little "pick-me-up"!!