Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fly Girl Fly

Okay so I love my friend Kiley and I love her daughter Emily.  Emily's little word since she began talking has always been "fly"!  Yes, my friend Kiley is active and so are her kids!  We're not exactly sure what "fly" means to Emily but it's her word.  As parents our job is to raise our kids to know and love God, help others and become independent adults.  So farmer Dan and Kiley are indeed raising Emily to "fly" someday!

Kiley wanted something new and cute for Emily's room...she mentioned it to me, and as a thank you to Kiley for all her help with Brown Bunny this year, I decided to secretly make a couple of things for Em's room.  I'm no artist but I wanted to share the project and share a few decorating ideas...

A painting for her room...a little tree with small flowers, potato prints of leaves and yes "fly"...

I also found two old frames at the thrift store...removed the glass...painted them grass green. 

I cut a piece of cardboard for the back. Next, I found 2 girls skirts at the thrift store and cut out a piece from the front and covered the cardboard. I added this "E" from Joann's Craft Store and hot glued a couple of flowers salvaged from an old bride's veil. I stamped the word "fly" on a piece of ribbon and glued it to the bottom.

For the second frame I wanted to continue the "fly" theme by gluing a nest we found in our yard this spring.  We added 3 small eggs.  I made these clay tags to spell the word "fly" for the bottom. 

Kiley had also hung these fun paper lanterns over Emily's cute, festive and feather light so no worries if one falls!  Sweet dreams Emily and God Bless you as you learn to "fly"!

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