Friday, November 18, 2011

Cool Girls with Cool Shops

I have been hearing about these two super cute shops from my friends for the past 6 last week I headed my car west and to the Tower District.  I wanted to share them with you so you too might be inspired to visit these fun and locally owned boutiques.

Twee and the Frosted Cakery are both located {almost next door} on Wishon just north of Olive.  It took me a few wrong turns to find them but it was worth it!  When I walked into Twee I knew it was my kind of store...filled to the brim with fun girl stuff.  Turquoise dressers, flippy-knotty scarfs, hand-crafted cards, hand-made jewelery...I start picking up stuff that I can not live without!  I don't get out much...

Twee is owned by Melanie Davis and can be found on the web at  They sell and showcase the wares and work of local artists. 

A whole wall of stationary...I am drawn to all of the journals...humm

They also have a fun selection of super chic baby toys, children's games and onesies...and no I don't suggest bringing your children, mine just happen to be attached to me and pop up everywhere I go! of my favorites {Ingelnook} is sold here!

Love the mall and love Target but ladies, consider getting that special friend, sister or mom something truly unique at Twee this Christmas and you just might be supporting the artist next door.  Or, you can do like me, and buy something for yourself.  I picked up a journal to record things I am thankful for, a Bordeaux fig soy candle and a glazed pottery bird fun and it felt good in my heart too.

Next to Twee you will find Frosted Cakery.  My good friend Caty first gave me one of their creations and I was hooked.  They have awesome selections like Salted Caramel {they tell me this is their best seller}, Tiramisu, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, Red Velvet and there was even something that resembled maple syrup waffles with I'm totally serious.  The Frosted Cakery can be found on the web at  Place your order for your next party...I purchased these for my barn party.  They were so yummie and gorgeous too.

Don't the kids look so excited to be out and about?  So close to cupcake nirvana yet so far....

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