Friday, May 13, 2011

Fluff Your Nest!

Spring is here -- fresh cut grass, wildflowers in bloom and warmer weather.  Taking a cue from the many birds that live near our house -- I felt a sudden urge this past week to "fluff my nest" by updating our bedroom.

Part of my decorating strategy and style is to pick up things when I see them -- save them -- find inspiration -- then go about redoing a few things.  I prefer a more eclectic-vintage style versus buying all new things at once.

My focus -- our dark wooden bed needed something to soften up its beefy square lines.

My finds -- pillow shams from the Goodwill in soft blues, a beautiful piece of lacy fabric with wheat colored vines from the LA fabric district, painters cloth from a commercial paint store, new white duvet covers from IKEA and chamomile flowers growing down our driveway.

My inspiration -- cool, relaxing hotel rooms in an exotic location like Oaxaca, Mexico or Sienna, Italy.  I don't have soaring ceilings or tiled floors but I can work with what I have! 

This is my inspiration photo - soft linen and gauzy fabric.  How bad do I want to be in this room?

"Mediterranean Design" by Mary Whitesides (Ada Hotel)
 Okay so I don't have a four poster bed to drape but I still want some sort of fabric over the bed.
So, to create a canopy I took 2 curtain rods and spray painted them gold -- then I screwed 4 gold hooks into the ceiling and hung the rods on them.  I draped the fabric over them and tucked it behind the head board.

Our old curtains came with us from our last house and were too short for this window next to our bed -- I lived with them for over a year but decided it was time for the right fit.  I found these linen pieces at the painters store -- ran it through the wash and cut it in 2 -- hemmed the two edges and used black rings with clips on them to hang the fabric at the right length -- a bit hangs over the top but I like the soft look of this linen for spring and summer -- and the whole curtain cost me $15!

Our room needs a bit more color so I found my trusty turquoise vase and filled it with chamomile flowers from the driveway...

Our room still needs a bit more color on the walls -- maybe this summer I can paint some canvas' -- but for now I love waking up under this soft fabric!  Hope this inspires you to create your own soothing nest!  Happy Spring -- Brown Bunny

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  1. Your room looks even better in person!! Good job, are amazing!!