Thursday, February 27, 2014

{ gifts from the garden }

Very often the most beautiful gifts are simple and uncomplicated.  Here is a sweet little nosegay bouquet I made this morning using things from my garden.  Cypress, rosemary, orange leaf, cream wax flowers, helleborus, white freesia and dried lavender (sweet gift from a neighbor and friend).

I am still counting God's Gifts to me.  Yesterday's prompt, by author Ann Voskamp,  was to find three gifts that are "seen as reflections".  I wasn't sure what those would be.  The sun was slowly rising to bright pink clouds and millions of tiny almond blossoms.  I ran outside with my camera to capture the moment - nothing magical or beautiful was captured - being the less then amazing photographer that I am.

However, on my way back in I took a quick picture of these amazing black privet berries that I rescued from the Pack Leader's chainsaw.

When I reviewed the photo closely my breath caught as I glimpsed my twinkle lights shimmering in the background - I hadn't seen them when I took the photo - but there they were just for "me" - reflections of light.  God' Gifts are all around us - they are usually not flashy but simple and uncomplicated.  Keep your eyes open for your own gifts today.  Love, Amy

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