Tuesday, October 1, 2013

{ carly & mark } september 14

I just love working with fun and creative brides.  It was such a treat for me when I arrived at 3 Oaks Vineyard, to see all of the creative and charming things Carly and her family made for their wedding.  I loved how they honored their parents and grandparents by showcasing many family photos and antique personal items such as lace table cloths.  So personal and meaningful.  We used gorgeous champagne "Cafe au Lait" dahlias, peach and light pink cabbage "David Austen" roses, grey brunia, lavender and champagne spray roses for the girls bouquets.


A special thank you to one of my wonderful assistants, Emily Pugh.  She lovingly arranged the flowers for all 118 vintage bottles that Carly had collected for her wedding.  



I loved the little tiny flags on top of the cake.  I just loved this simple super sweet cake.

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