Thursday, May 2, 2013

{ silk flower arrangements }

I'm very excited to share with my friends that one of the coolest shops in Fresno is now open to the public!  Designer Flower Center, located at 3450 W. Gettysburg Avenue, has previously been a "wholesale only" store.  This year they have made the leap and are now open to the public.  The owners have impeccable taste and scour the country for top-of-the-line silk flowers and home accessories.  They have also added a line of home furnishings by Parkhill Collections.  This stuff is gorgeous - like what you would find at Pottery Barn but a bit less expensive.  As a small business owner I encourage you to buy local - we support our neighbors and our local economy.  Check them out - I gaurentee fabulous finds!

I also wanted to show you these pretty silk arrangements I made recently - all silks were bought at Designer Flower Center.  What I love about their shop is the wide selection of silk items that are hard to find and very unique - berries, foliage and gorgeous blooms.  You can hardly tell these are not real.

Designer Flower Center - Phone (559)228-3300

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  1. hi amy ..
    Silk Flower Arrangements design that the picture above is so beautiful ..
    how I am to be able to create such beautiful designs?