Wednesday, March 6, 2013

{ centerpiece in a box }

I wanted to share a project I did today - I think it is a great gift idea for the special friend in your life - especially if you are looking for something unique and different.  Today I put together a little gift for one of my sweet sister-in-laws.  She has the sweetest home and four adorable kids.  She has many wonderful traits - one that always touches me is how warm and inviting her home feels.  As family members, friends and gaggles of kids parade in and out I know that she always likes to have something pretty on her kitchen table. 

To send a little love and cuteness her way I put together "Centerpiece in a Box".  With Easter approaching I decided to do something that says spring.  I incorporated a few artificial kumquats to symbolize the oranges that she and her husband grow, along with lavender and a couple of bird's nests. 

I know she also loves candles so I decided to make that the central focus of the arrangement.  To make your own unique candle holder or vase I used a bell shaped vase - any round vase will do as long as it is taller than your candle - and added rope.  Start with a squeaky clean vase - turn it upside on your work surface.  With your hot glue gun start at the bottom and glue the thick rope around the outside.  You only need a dab of glue every few inches.  Keep winding the rope tightly as you move upward.  I only wanted a touch of rope so only the bottom 1/4 is covered.  (This look also works great in the summer with sea shells).

{ thicker jute rope was used for this project - thicker than the twine I usually use}

A cute watercolor spring table runner will help anchor the centerpiece on her table and is very versatile.  I found this one at Target.  {Yes it's washable!}
I packaged up everything in an old wooden box and tied with a pretty ribbon.  If you don't have a wooden box - wrap a sturdy cardboard box in plain brown paper - a neutral backdrop allows your gift to shine.

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