Tuesday, June 26, 2012

{ Sabrina and Ari } May 27 2012

I really am blessed by all of my clients, the Lord has brought us so many wonderful brides and families. Sabrina and her mom are no exception.  After meeting Sabrina I thought to myself, "this is a girl I would love to be friends with."  I was so excited when they decided to use us for their wedding.  Throughout the wedding we used light pink, white and green with a touch of the darker hot pink. 

Not very often does my heart skip a beat -- however when Sabrina told me about her church my heart started beating a little faster.  Every August my husband and I practically skip down the road with broad smiles to the Greek Orthodox church to celebrate the Greek Festival.  It is a highlight of our year.  We love the food, the people and the atmosphere.  This was my first time to do flowers for a wedding there though.  The church architecture - paintings, wood work and lighting is amazing. 

I didn't want to take away from the church's natural beauty so we did elegant arrangements in greens and whites.

Over at the Grand on the 10th Floor we did these really cute tall arrangements of all baby's breath.

On the other half of the tables we did low and lush arrangements in their gold bowls.

{Cake by Barbs Cakery}


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